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19/09/2003 @9:12:00 PM

hiz... long time nv update.... xams cming ... so wun be online for soooo long liaoz... and btw ppl... go check out mich's blogger ... DAMN NICE LEHZ! i lke the pic... whoa..i wish i cld do smethe lke tt.... jiamin can wad rite?? haiz... muz go learn from her... byez. nw.... cyaz..

12/09/2003 @8:53:00 PM

ahhh.. im sooo damn tired.... juz came back from janet's chalet... wad a FUN time we had... pillow fights; taiti (is tt how u spell it??); blah blah... blocked noses; unable to breathe but every1 was stupid enuff nt to get up and switch the airaautoSave=false

10/09/2003 @9:10:00 PM

going 4 janet's chalet 2mr manz... so wun be updating 4 the nxt few days/.... btw... im gonna go ply ff7 nw... disaster manz tt game... 1 yr liaoz... i havent even finished... as nicole says... im SLOW!! fine!... btw juz listening to this song... theme song of ff9... DAMN NICE LEHZ! i'll put the lyrics under 2day's update n u can go check it out..AHHH! damn nice song... melodies of life... its called..

Alone for a while I've been searching through the dark,
For traces of the love you left inside my lonely heart,
To weave by picking up the pieces that remain,
Melodies of life - love's lost refrain.

Our paths they did cross, though I cannot say just why.
We met, we laughed, we held on fast, and then we said goodbye.
And who'll hear the echoes of stories never told?
Let them ring out loud till they unfold.

In my dearest memories, I see you reaching out to me.
Though you're gone, I still believe that you can call out my name.

A voice from the past, joining yours and mine.
Adding up the layers of harmony.
And so it goes, on and on.
Melodies of life,
To the sky beyond the flying birds - forever and beyond.

So far and away, see the birds as it flies by.
Gliding through the shadows of the clouds up in the sky.
I've laid my memories and dreams upon those wings.
Leave them now and see what tomorrow brings.

In your dearest memories, do you remember loving me?
Was it fate that brought us close and now leaves me behind?

A voice from the past, joining yours and mine.
Adding up the layers of harmony.
And so it goes, on and on.
Melodies of life,
To the sky beyond the flying bird - forever and on.

If I should leave this lonely world behind,
Your voice will still remember our melody.
Now I know we'll carry on.
Melodies of life,
Come circle round and grow deep in our hearts, as long as we remember.

09/09/2003 @4:18:00 PM

if u ppl realli keep up with the time tt i update... u'll notice tt ive started updating in the afternn.... tt's cuz my dad doesnt let me use the com and he reaches hme at nite see.... haha.. so i onli got 15 mins... told my mom tt... they both want me to start studying larz... haiz... sickening... cannot play anymore.. sad sad sad... aniweaz... yar lorz... juz came online to update this onli.. byez den... onli got 15 mins... must do as many things as i can... BYEZ!

08/09/2003 @2:54:00 PM

Hizz everyone... im currently taking up my bro's time to update this... so i gt be fast... anwz... its the hols nw... but i dun tink i can update as often as i can cuz my dad says tt i've been slacking too much for the past few weeks and i gt study hard... so i dun tink i can cme online as often liaoz... try to larz... but u wun see my tt often.. will u miss me?? ah... wad crap... nvm.. okok... this is kinda short i noe but i gtg liaoz... bro nagging at me cuz he wants to play his game... indiana jones and the infernal machine..... kinda a nice game actually ... if u play it.... ok... cyaz... bye!!

04/09/2003 @10:34:00 PM

fuck... i think frm nw on arh.... i will start every entry with a 'fuck'... aiyah... soooooo many disappointing things happened 2day... 1st: my father told me tt i can onli stay for one nite for janet's chalet... i knew this was coming ... anwz.. he didnt have to make it as if im gonna lke hate him for this or smethg,... but anw i do... hehe.. anwz... haha so... he has been saying for the past few days tt he think 1st... see if i shld go or nt... whoa... h lke tt confirm cannot lorz... might as well immediately say so larz... make ppl wait so long... haiz... 2nd: he fuckingly destroyed my hopes of learning jap... i told him tt i wanna join peiwen in learning jap during the december hols... ya noe wad he said??!?!?! he conveniently easily said tt i shld nt be toooooo ambitious... DAMN IT?!?!... wad's wrong with being ambitious... den he said tt learning jap in one mth is being toooo ambitious... wadtahell?!?! nt as if im gonna be soooo expert by the end of dec... since when did i say tt lorz... haiz... n u noe wad happened when i told him tt?!?! he said... but still 'blah blah..'.... haiz... he juz doesnt wanna let me go there and waste my money learning this kinda nonsense... when i can easily learn it frm my neighbour... plz lorz... nt as if my neighbour will teach me the alphabets rite??? SICKENING!!! why ?!? why doesnt he let me make my own decisions??!? wad if i wanna work for squaresoft nxt time lehz?? muz learn jap lehz... SIANZ!!! ARGH.... guess wad ... onli one gd thing happened 2day lorz... jo teo didnt punish us in the end... cuz she 'GOT NO TIME'.... haha... gtg nwz... byez... P.S thx all the readers who have been putting up with all my complaints for these few days... THX A LOT!!! byez!

03/09/2003 @10:13:00 PM

fuck... got punished by jo teo 2day.. caught me weng, nicole and yanling toking outside the toilet in b/t lessons... came up the stairs... told us to see her after schl... 'fa zhan' at the pillars after schl till 2.30 lehz.. den she say 2mr morning see her lorz... OMG!!! tt one die lehz.. she is sooooo gonna make us stand in front of the whole schl during assembly and say."these gals were caught toking outside the toilet....blah" haiz... die lorz.. AHHH! dowan lehz...i dowan to stand in frnt of the whole schl... nvm... its ok onez... nvm... face it lke a brave person... get it over and done with... anwz i will nv get a chance to stand up dere anwz... calm dwn... it okZ one..... cool dwn... breathe in.. breathe out... ok byez... muz go calm myself dwn for 2mr....

02/09/2003 @10:00:00 PM

September?!?! it's september alreadi??!! so fast manz...! whoa! n in 5 more weeks is the end o yr lehz... die larz! havent even started studying yet... OMG.... so sad... haiz.. nvm there's always time.. (yar rite) anwz.. im pretty bored nw so i decided to change the skin of this blog cuz i realised tt the current skin sux.. WAIT! btw ppl... the skin u are seeing nw is the new skin btw.. haha so dun get too mixed up horz... :P sigh... 2mr got chem and e maths test lehz and i dun even realli bother to study lorz... who lke tt the attitude die larz.. sure fail everything 1 lehz.. haiz... my chem horz.. i didnt even memorise anything/.... so 2mr sure dun rmb anything 1 lorz... and e maths arh,.... i see the TYS scared liaoz arh... so diff... dun even noe how 2 do lehz.. DIE!!! im gonna be soooo dead.... nvm... no use toking al these crap... tok so much i oso dun intend to switch off the com and go study nw wadz... haiz... so nvm lorz... juz stay online and try to do sum crap/.... OH! yeah! i forgot... can do the stupid f**king cme essay... shit... wad kinda dumb essay it is manz... constitution of singapore.. nonsense... as if i care abt tt lke tt.. haiz... 750 words sumore lehz... haiz... nvm.. i go do it nw... maybe can get bonus marks... hehe ... wadeva.. TATA!




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