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25/12/2005 @9:21:00 PM

hhah.. the past 2 days has been great! i seriously had more fun this christmas than any previous ones.. haha.. and the wallet my mom bought for me was OMG! i had been eyeing that for one whole year! she rawks man.

sadly, i'm addicted to another song. i shall hereby declare the title of the song. i'm sure you all should get ready to listen to me sing it around the place. hehe..

the schnappi song. which goes schni schna schnappi... or rather, the official title of the song is Das kleine Krokodil. lol..

i'm sorry. did i just defame the song? ;)

it's abit late already but


cheers! =)

23/12/2005 @4:09:00 PM

Last night I took a walk in the snow.
Couples holding hands, places to go
Seems like everyone but me is in love.
Santa can you hear me

I signed my letter that I sealed with a kiss
I sent it off
It just said this
I know exactly what I want this year.
Santa can you hear me.
I want my baby.. I want someone to love me someone to hold me.
Maybe.. he'll be all my own in a big red bow

Santa can you hear me?
I have been so good this year and all I want is one thing
Tell me my true love is near
He's all I want, just for me underneath my christmas tree
I'll be waiting here.
Santa thats my only wish this year.

Christmas Eve I just can't sleep
Would I be wrong for taking a peek?
Cause I heard that your coming to town
Santa can you hear me?

Really hope that your on your way
With something special for me in your sleigh
Ohh please make my wish come true
Santa can you hear me
I want my baby.. I want someone to love me someone to hold me
Maybe.. we'll be all the love under the mistletoe

I hope my letter reaches you in time
Bring me love can call all mine
cause I have been so good this year.
Can't be alone under the mistletoe
He's all want and a big red bow
Oh santa can u hear me?
Well hes all I want just for me underneath my Christmas tree
I'll be waiting here
Santa thats my only wish this year.

@3:42:00 PM

oh man.. back from the chalet. hahha.. its was great fun man! but i'm like super tired now. the bbq was fun la. apart from the rain. lol.. and hahaha.. the part where the other people stole our fire when we zao from the rain halfway during our bbq but left our fire there. hhaa.. our dear michelle ang saw them using our fire. so cy opened the balcony door and shouted down. then lennard was like "OUI! DUN USE OUR FIRE LA! WAH LAU!.." then both of them rushed down to salvage our space. seriously damn funny. its like.. funny!

had loads of leftovers after the bbq but nvm we threw everything into the fridge. lol. bad decision. we soon found out on the day of check out, which is today, that the sausages, chicken, nuggets, crabmeat, and blah blah all had to be frozen! oh great. so we threw away everything. wasted.

went to the beach after that, around 11pm? yep. beach cum park. walked all the way from the beach to pasir ris park. we had tremendous fun at the playground din we? haha.. pity i din bring along my camera. or the pictures would have been great. =) gan wei was the most hum one lor. out of all of us. the deadly game, which was what cy called it, was damn fun. spin around! wheeeeeee... i wanna spin again! hehe..

went back to the chalet at around 2am to find out that there wasnt any time limit for us to get back thru the gantry. damn it. we could have played longer.. well slacked out in the room playing more xbox and ps2. dead or alive, burnout and wwe. heh! play and play and play until 5.30am when i decided to go to bed. but sadly, i could not sleep! after dunno who was done with the xbox, and switched off the tv, there was still noise.. ganwei and seelin playing blackjack. i just couldnt sleep. dunno why. i think only managed to sleep at around 6.30. woke up at 8.30 to cy on the phone rushing off for soccer match. haha.. yw, sl and gw all started playing dead or alive AGAIN!!! earrrrly in the morning. haiz.. but surprisingly, i actually fell asleep again until 10. haha..

ok the next day, everyone was zombified. we slacked around the chalet area. arcade, pool, lan. blah blah. ju came at night and we went to white sands at 9pm for dinner. arcade again at night. we played the percussion freak with 5 people. haha. one for each bar. =) so cool eh. lol.. though it was stupid to the pros i guess. conked off at 2am. i could not take it anymore. heh. and now i'm homeeeee!

had a great time guys! back to seriousness now. it's one week to the start of school. homework?


17/12/2005 @12:29:00 PM

yeah. back from gentings! haha.. weird stuff man really weird stuff. lol..

there was this sign that said

don't ever surf porn
hold down "alt""f4"

seriously. it's so lame i could not stop laughing when i saw that. wun holding down alt f4 close all the programs? and what if no porn site comes up? just keep holding it down? wth?! LAMENESS I TELL YOU!. damn lame. seriously.

i need help. seriously some people just dun get it that i need freedom and clogging me up like that will not help. i'll just grow to hate and loathe you. this choking feeling in my throat. its getting worse. irritated i get so easily. every single sentence that i said. oh man! its like i'm under some command. tightened in some rope and it's not getting looser any time soon. its hell.

09/12/2005 @11:52:00 PM

funny. very funny. went for mr chua's chalet yesterday after seoul garden and lan with THOSE people. haha.. i'm sure the THOSE people part need not be explained further. haha.. chalet was fun. cy played as an E-X-T-R-A very obviously. haha.. not even a students at his tuition eh. lol.. but nvm we all had fun right?

whoa wheee! drank more wine then ever.. though i wasnt drunk i think i couldn't wake up this morning to go for my dental even after setting 3 alarm clocks. damnit. haizz... and i din even drink much! i think i'm not fit to be drinking here and there man. lol..

oh well.. chua's chalet was fun, moral of the story, "be a child when given the oppurtunity to" hhaa.. we invaded the playground man! those kind of indoor playground. then took weird and mad photos under the lifeguard's station. or whatever you call that thing. hmmm...

ok then went home late late. after gambling for quite a bit. mr chua rocks man. =)

went for cip then dental then cip again today. haha... then went to repair my phone. now my pooy phone is not with me and i feel so damn empty without it. so stupid. i have resorted to using a nokia 2100 in order not to miss that feeling of the phone in my hands. haha..

ok yeah so now its late and i'm leaving on sunday to gentings. haiz... wonder if t19's gonna have a bbq on sunday. sad i cant go. but nvm i'm sure you'll all miss my presence! and have fun!..

haha.. ok off to do mawai report.. sian..

08/12/2005 @12:05:00 AM

oh my! ij band has won GOLD in the gentings competition! haha.. i'm so proud of them! =) congrats to all my little juniors! haha... whoa. i feel so big. haha..

ij band rocks man. i miss the band, i miss the trumpet section, i miss my trumpet. and i think it's gone already cuz i heard the trumpet section got new gold cornets. damn it. why they only get it when i'm gone. haiz... oh well..

07/12/2005 @12:10:00 AM

yeah! finally, everyone's back from everywhere! haha..

poor simone has nearly reached the brink of death. =)

04/12/2005 @7:03:00 PM

oh man. hardcore shopping its been for the past week. haha.. wonder where i imparted the skill from. must be daner and lennard. ha! and seriously i've found many many things i want to buy.. but


oh man.. saddening.

holidays are boring and i'm not doing my homework. oh yes and my report!.. SIAN...!!





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