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31/07/2005 @6:37:00 PM

ok .. i noe i havent blogged much last week... well busy chioing the harry potter book.. halfway now. yes i read damn slow.. but at least after reading yw's blog -about him taking 3 months to read the 5th book,- i felt thoroughly comforted... haha... 3days for half the book i noe its damn slow la.. but spare me man... tests, school, promos... bleargh... im trying very very hard to read as fast as i can already! cheryl! haha thx for lending me the book anw.. hehes.. ok confessing time... i was even thinking of reading during church 2day.. lolx..

hmm.. ok. interesting weekend.. but not that interesting.. went for tuition on saturday morning... hehes.. (so is yw and daner joining?) then abandoned ju for lunch with you-know-who.. oops too much harrypotter.. haha ... yea.. zhong she qing you.. haha.. nvm ju doesnt mind does she? -grins sheepishly- oh well.. then went to heeren to eat the wan ton noodles... and can u believe it.. after all my years of existance in this world i never realised or even TRIEd that stall.. omg. its was DAMN good.. worth the money. then went shopping for a new wallet which you-know-who.. (i tink im seriously addicted) generously bought for me... thanks alot! haha.. then rushed off to ps from heeren to watch fantastic four.. not bad la i would say the show.. haha.. but i tink jessica alba's damn chio la.. haha..eeeks. turning les here.. =.=" as if im not already one..

hmm.. the movie was soooo popular like 3rd week since its release and it was "selling fast".. oh well.. we got the last 2 tickets of the 2nd row... cuz after we left the queue, the guy was like saying " attention all, we are sorry to inform you that the fantastic four at 4o'clock is only left with the 1st row.. " like how heng were we man! lol... but 2nd row... not muhc difference.. i still craned my neck and now it hurts.. T_T

ok.. shall go back to chionging hw.. haizz... btw we dun hafta to the compo rite? just the 2nd page rite?

26/07/2005 @8:53:00 PM

haha.. check this out!.. melissa's missing though.. haizz.. and michelle and looks so cute! wahaha.. racial harmony was fun.. and people out there! send me more pics!

ok... the past few days not bad la.. haha at least im starting to understand and concentrate more in class without much effort... haha... naturally, things start getting into my head and OMG?! read this : i actually want to do my hw.. haha. im actually filled with the (weird?) enthusiasm to do my hw! hahaha... really surprised.. lol but nvm.. its a good start towards the promos.. haizz...

havent been playing maple.. sucks. my brother is such an ass.. play until so fast. now he's like 3 levels higher than me.. and soon he's gonna show off... SO DAMN BLOODY UNFAIR CAN! he's prelims are in 2 weeks time. and WTF?! he's playing like such a sickening slacker la.. IM not even taking a major exam! and some PEOPLE taking the PSLE can play so much more than me? and the worse thing is once my exams finish, his psle oso finishes.. which is.............

yea u get the idea..

so i guess i might have to camp out at the lan shops more often. better start saving up now.. haizz... ok..

went to np just now to do survey.. haha.. and the funniest part? i managed to get the most ppl to do the survey.. 5 more as compared to dennis, ervin and brendan.. HAHA! guess its just my charm that amazes the people.. haha.. u noe... i guess gals are just better at this kinda stuff... LOL..

siann.. OH! did anyone watch america's next top model? haha.. rawks man that show.. i shall be abiit ego.. and say this.. HAHA! be prepared to see me join that.. naw naw j/k like DUH! c'mon man.. just look at my state.. hhahaha. anw. i hate brandy.. that red haired wig freak.. this she so damn cool man.. haizz... ACTION.. want me to type that again?

A - C - T - I - O - N
haha.. yea.. i tink tiffany's not bad... shld give her another chance.. haha..
slamming brandy here.. those not happy with it.. well too bad..haha.. u can slam me back.. lol
shall go do some work now. then later can watch the police negotiator show on chnl u at 10.. haha.. anyone watches it?

23/07/2005 @4:22:00 PM

PTM was horrid.
complains, truths, negativity
oh save me

so now i have been grounded
wad to do?
study hard
8 weeks left to the promos

damn it
shall play maple now for the last time.


18/07/2005 @4:49:00 PM

there is weirdly something wrong with my blog. take damn long to load... it was after i clicked the refresh button on my tagboard... wad does it mean?? haha... well i guess curiousity really kills the cat, in this case, the DUCK! haha.... oh well.. takes long to load so... patience la.. or maybe i might consider changing the tagboard.. sheesh... freaking long la!!! siann.. i type untill here already still have load yet lor...

ok 2day had listening compre a lvl for chinese... haha... damn easy la! easier than o lvl de lor! omg?! like wth la.. waste my time can! i got 9/10.. apparently, the last qn was cuz of a stupid mistake: reading the stupid word wrongly... haizzzz... sadddening. oh well.. chiong home... now.. but im the first in cj year one to reach home and use the com la.. im the like first online.. well not exactly i just realised someone beat me to it.. haha

shall play a bit maple then go study le.. chem test on wed and econs test on friday. shall study hard ya!.. yay! bbye bye! =)

15/07/2005 @10:22:00 PM

i am so proud of myself. for once! since the production and cost lecture, i have finally paid full attention during econ lect 2day and understood everything.. wahahaha... im like how pro?! the studying bug is getting to me and i duno why. its after exams! yay! hhaa but study la... yongwen and company went to the library to pia after schl 2day. so shit.. everyone's getting nervous about the promos.. [update:68days]

and michelle rawks man! she just totally brings laughter to the right side of the 2nd row.. haha.. like wad she said, dun swear by saying oh my GOD, say Oh MY BRA!... so just imagine in the middle of the canteen u discover something superbly interesting, and u starting shouting OH MY BRA! like.. haha? abit not civilised rite... lol but nvm.. its michelle.. cant expect much anw.. hehes.. not forgetting the quotes we write pointing at each other's desks : im sitting next to an idiot- and im sitting next to a retart-


i guess i shall maple for awhile before studying my night away with physics! oh damnit. EoM due on monday and i got no M to do.. [materials] how to E?? [evaluation]

oh wells, bye bye. enjoy ya weekends! =)

14/07/2005 @8:07:00 PM

oh ok. my grades have nt exactly been extremely outright gorgeous but at least i passed those that i expected seriously to fail... oh my oh my... haha... tink about it as passing and failing and u'll realise that i actually passed most.. BUT! and i repeat this word... [hmm.. repeat.. sounds like a joke which i couldnt get for awhile from yongwen..] anw.. BUT listen.. or rather READ this letters.. C D E E E O... omg?! how bad is that? and surprising CHINESe... OH MY CHINESE IS THE BEST SUBJECT... like how cool is that? Must be tockseng's doing.. hehe..

anyway... here's wad i got.. [[WARNING! this section is for readers who do not have and heart disease or similar illnesses. beware of the shock u might get]]

(AO subs)
gp - 43 [d7] damnit wasted.. 2 marks can pass le lor...
chinese - 53 [c5] oh wth... my weakest sub in sec 4 to my best sub in jc

(A subs)
maths - 48 [E]
physics - 48 [E]
chem - 47 [E]
econs - 35 [O] oh shit... this is like my worst subject, worst in the class la.. even don beat me... haizzz...

okok... shall do my stuff now... should stop slacking and start studying for promos.. which is unfortunately does not leave me with alot of time... 69 days.. OMG! ahhhhhh! die le la... i need to get c for every a lvl sub to take 4 subs in j2... ok.. mugging officially begins here right now...

wish me good luck! yay! hahaha....




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