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30/05/2008 @12:10:00 AM

and with that, 20 years of my life has just flashed past.

finally hitting the big 2, i really cant see myself turning into an adult just yet. i still wanna live life, like a teenager. i dont wanna grow up.

i guess, turning 20 is no big deal. nothing much to celebrate about, nothing much to make a big fuss about. rather it's more of a quiet move into the adult society.

haha. i told my mom i'll forgo the usual birthday cake tradition this year and opt for donuts. i think it was a bad idea. my craving for donuts havent ended since i dunno when. i havent had donuts for ten million years. anw, it was a nice afternoon, i wanted to get donuts for myself. then minute i intended to leave house, it started to rain. when it stopped, i made another attempt to go out and get donuts since it was still early and i was hoping to get my favourite flavours.

UNFORTUNATELY, the terribly disgusting donut shop had to CLOSE FOR RENOVATIONS.

i think i have no fate with donuts. as of this moment, i'm still being slowly devoured by the ferocious donut craving............

my mouse is spoilt. the rollar doesnt roll anymore. i rmb when i used to laugh at ss when his mouse was spoilt. i think i learn my lesson now.

vivo-ed the entire day with jiamin and ju. bitching about everything and anything. along with sex and the city, which was a really great movie i wouldnt mind watching it again. but good things end fast. i'll start work 2mr till the 8th of june. with work timings so horrendous i only have night activities left to participate in. no more shopping, no more bitching with the girls, no more nonsensical day crap.

i hope work goes fine. 10 days, i'm sure i can do this.

now i'm so confused. somehow i cant decide what i like.
dogs, monkeys, or crocodiles.

my eyes have been ridiculously playing many tricks on me, making me turn my head in false excitement wherever i go.

20, alive and kicking. we shall be grateful for that. still young, we shall all stay strong. - to jiamin and ju.
boys are useless, lets forget them.

22/05/2008 @10:55:00 PM

ok i know exams have ended like about a few weeks ago. but i have been too lazy to blog haha! and besides i've been chasing dramas as usual.

i swear this drama has the most number of cute guys acting in it. watch alr can die one. hahahaha! seriously my eyes have been fed very well :D

ok so after exams were basically nothing. started off with seniors gathering, then chalet.

i just got home from the chalet which was hell lots of fun, and i shant post photos here cuz they'll take ten million years to upload and they can be easily viewed from facebook so i'll just leave it as this.

thank you to everyone who came for the chalet. but now that it's over, i feel so dried up. like nothing to look forward to anymore. need to pile events on, so that i dont stay at home and rot my life away in front of the computer watching more dramas. this kinda thing also need stamina.

oh well, thank you to eunice, jeslin and eunice's boyfriend for getting me this!

4 damn cute small bottles, which could have been easily devoured by the barbarians at the chalet. hahahah! sorry i just felt like saying this but i'm sure everyone knows i'm not refering to any specific person.

ok so thats it. 3 weeks of holiday gone. and how much have i done. hahaha! maybe i should TRY and start getting some exercise done and start moving around more. hmmm..

julianne's gone to taiwan i miss her. :(

everyone seems to be away or something. so siann. suddenly when you feel it's all quiet around you. i wanna go overseas too!

i'm really looking forward to the t19 outing that michelle's planning but, it's still on the way. it's coming hahah! i cant wait to see everyone again after so long! and i know everyone cant wait to see me again tooo!!! hahah!!

ok and so, i'm getting rather hungry. i think it's time for bed. although it's rather early still but it's been a tiring chalet.

last note, results are out next week. with constant reminder, i have finally remembered it. not a good thing to rmb, i'll say but. oh well, i'll see how it turns out.

04/05/2008 @12:10:00 AM

haha, finally. it's 5 days to the last paper.

the past week was super mad. just totally mad. using up every single ounce on energy in me, i'm totally shagged now. lsm, physical chem, and organic chem today. (yes disgustingly on a saturday.)

and it was off to town, finally in 3 months. with tian lin, zihan , yong chuan, and nessa!!! SO FUN SO FUN!! omg now i dunno if i can bring myself back to studying again! haha! i seriously cant wait for holiday activities! so many things to do! i think 3 months is not enough. but then again, when are holidays ever enough. hahaha!!

hmmm anyway. so in 5 days will be the end of year one. so damn fast. so many things happening, so many new things learnt, so many new friends made, so much changes in my life. what a year as a freshman, i'll forever treasure these days of freshieness, since i'm no longer one anymore. SO SAD!

and with that, a year just flashed past.

i would openly dare say that sem 2 was alot more on a rollar coaster high ride compared to sem one. studies, school, timetable, friends, and lots and lots of dilemas.

friendships at stake, while anger takes over. sometimes, i wonder if what i think is right is actually wrong. but then again, dont we all. and it's hard to swallow it and take it standing up.
i wish i could say.
i must be stronger. i must learn self-control.

ok it's late. and exhaustion is kicking in from the past weeks papers. so much, that i felt totally wasted during church today. like i had no energy at all to do anything, even to stand up. slumping on the chair the whole 2 hours.

oh well, this is what exam stress does to you.
nvm. it's 5 days now to the finale, and 7 days to zouk. omg i cant wait.


there're this 2 songs i love. (well, at least for now.)

Love in this Club - Usher

ok the chorus is seriously damn addictive. but its lyrics are kinda explicit so i couldnt put it as my msn personal message or ppl will just totally have the wrong impression on me. hahaha!!

I wanna make love in this club
In this club
In this club
In this club

and i really really like this:

I Can Wait Forever - Simple Plan

You look so beautiful today
When you're sitting there it's hard for me to look away
So i try to find the words that i could say
I know distance doesn't matter but you feel so far away
And I cant lie
Every time I leave my heart turns gray
And I want to come back home to see your face
And I
Cause I just cant take it

Another day without you with me
Is like a blade that cuts right through me
But I can wait
I can wait forever
When you call my heart stops beating
When you're gone it wont stop bleeding
But I can wait
I can wait forever

to those still with papers all the way till saturday, all the best to you.
over and out.




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