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27/02/2005 @9:09:00 PM


haha firstly, i shall follow nicole's style and start thanking everyone... cjc, these 2 months have been full of fun, crap, and joy. i love all you guys! all rawk!.. yeah!... everything in cj rawks!.. the class, the grandstand, (yeas! all the GSTs!), the canteen (with the food soooo much better than ij ), the overwhelming number of ij uniforms and the uncountable number of white pants!!!! lol..

yes.. here comes the thanxies...

TO 1T20: i love this class, u all have been great. the times we've spent together throught the dragon boatin, the amazing race, the pool sessions, the outings we've had.. everything we have done together (even though rarely)...

TO ALL THE IJTP 4/8 PEOPLE IN CJ: half of 4/8 is in cj!!! omg omg omg! i see familiar faces everywhere i go! 4/8 rawks forever and ever.. good luck to all u guys for 2mr's results and may God bless u guys in everything u do! i wun forget u guys! 2 years and 3 months together, (for some 4 years) =))

NICOLE: you rawk babe! u've been there for so many occasions to help me out.. esp the ij concert.. thx for taking the ticket! thanks for the joy, laughing, crap and everything you've brought to me... thx for all the BIP sessions and PLS-ing! also the times when u were there to talk to me... u rawk babe.. love ya! i noe u're sooo not staying in cj la... so keep in touch yea! tell me where u went ah...

LENNARD: you! you PRAWNIE!!! prawnieeeeeeee.... thx for the willingness for PLS-ing.. hahha.. u were the entertainment for me and nicole man!.. haha.. thanks for all the nonsense AND THE NOISE!! STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF! MY LEFT EAR HAS BEEN DESTROYED!... thanks for giving me MOST of the answers to the teacher's qns directed at me.. and i'll never forget the sickening fever u passed to me and shifu! lol. and also all the times of playing rose online! haha.. thx for all the freeee avatar... wahaha. u rawk dude!

CHO YAU: cho yauiiiiieeeeeee! stop saying ppl weak ah u weak!thx for waiting for me every morning!! i noe i always late ya.. haha... thx for staying soooo near me so i have someone to go and come baq to schl with... haha! thx for all the help u've given to me! nv imagine a guy can even noe so much haha... u rawk too! lol.. Thx also for being our walking road map!.. always able to bring me home from duno wherever some ulu place.. haha.. and thx for your CRRRAAAAP! everyday in class...

TOCK SENG: shiiiiifuuuuu! shifu! thanks for all the fun and singing sessions in class yea! jay chou and lin junjie rawkz! haha. thanks for all your kind teaching these 2 months.. haha.. thx for the great reverse psychology u taught me for pool! pool rawk! shifu is a great pool player... thx for all the stuff u gave me in maple! and roseeee! thx for all the money and avatar! thx for all the crap u come up with and ur HUGE EGO!.. its seriously getting too big... look afta it ya..

RACHEL: hey babe! u rawk! haha.. thx for being there the 1st few days in class... u were the only other ijtp gal ya... keep reading... and you're crap seems to be getting better.. haha. hope we end up in the same class again in u stay in cj! love ya!

MICHELLE.ANG: michelle! u are a great playgrounder.. haha.. thx for accompanying me tt day afta cross country.. lol.. we had soooo much fun! remember ah... we must go the pasir ris playground one day ok! haha play our lives out man!!!! thx for every other thing too ya.. love ya!

YONG WEN: hello my ex-shijiu. haha.. thx for being so easy to bully! haha i had fun poking u! wheeee.. and your maple rawks.. hope u get ur red whip soon! and you can stop talking about maple in class.. haha.. i bet now with shifu's account u are rich already rite? hehehee..

TO OTHERS WHOM I HAVE NOT NAMED AND YOU NOE WHO U ARE: thank you all for being there and bringing joy to my life... i love all you guys... have fun. good luck for the results 2mr and may God bless every single of ya!!!!

23/02/2005 @5:09:00 PM


please... someone save me... i dread the day i have to take that paper in my hands to see it... argh... no i dowan it baq!!!!! please.... someone stop the time! lolx!

21/02/2005 @10:18:00 AM

i am officially SICK! ergh.. fever, cough, headache, blah blah. haiz... sian... its monday morning. monday blues... haiz... if i was in schl, i'll be having gp lecture now.. haha. yay! i skip gp lect and gp tutorial! haha.. monday's timetable totally sucks.. anw, im going to see the doctor soon... wahahah.. purposely yea. see today to get mc.. wahaha. neh neh... haiz... my shifu oso sick... see la.. the stupid lennard la.. germs so strong.. all sit beside him one all kena.. haiz... shifu ah... tc k! ookok. to the doctor i go.... wheeeeee.

18/02/2005 @8:21:00 PM

omg... sickening bad luck has fallen upon me... first... im dying from the cough which has apparently struck my class and people around me has been reasonably kind to spread it to me.. thank you very much. secondly, WTH IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE NOT GOING FOR BAND CONCERTS?!?! 2nd time it has happened to me.. SECOND TIME! wtf is going on?!.. joanna just told me that she "OOPS! forgot that it was this sunday and she cant make it after all."... i cant stand this anymore.. argh!. cant take this anymore... from now onwards, i will NOT. will NOT buy tickets for anyone else.. unless the money is paid to me first! furthermore, i am desperately broke and even my savings has been draining at an acceleration of xx $/weekª.. yes. im making up ridiculous formulas. ergh... ARGH!... aaaarrrrrggggghhhh!!!

10/02/2005 @1:00:00 PM

happy cny everyone!!! haha hows the hong bao collection going? lol. im damn pissed right now cuz my bro just WACKED my right eye and my specs practically just pressed in to my eye and now i have 2 cuts T_T.... so pain k AND he din even like repent or anything... noe wad he did?!?!?! he just slide into my leg and WACK it... PAIN CAN ANOT! damn pain la! wth... crazy bugger.. irritating sia... ergh.. now im hurting everywhere.... can be bothered to do anything now... dun care abt the ppl in my house... they can go entertain themselves... hmpff

05/02/2005 @11:15:00 PM


You're a fun-loving outgoing person and are naturally drawn to people...you are quite enthusiastic and exuberant...and usually well-liked by others.. you're good at meeting people and helping them enjoy themselves...you are sympathetic towards people and generous with your time and money. You wanna be where the action is and will see things in your own special way...

You're aware what is going on around you and notice stuff that others miss. You're popular and gregarious and are often busy in social stuff...you are instigators of activity and like to be "where the action is..."...you like laughing at yourself and others....you like to help others and often join organizations that letcha do that..if you work as a teenager, chances are that you'll take a job that lets you interact with others (gift shop, waiter, anywhere you can charm or shmooze)....you're "on stage" often...

You're the eternal optimist, and always seem to land on your feet, somehow. (gee, all this stuff shows you might be good in the Storm Palace pubs..) you can interact with people of all ages, backgrounds or types with no problem.. you learn best when you can interact with others and DO things, not just observe or listen about 'em... Teachers are the key to your success.. they have to care about you for you to want to do well..

You don't like conflict or intellectual arguments...you don't like learning by sitting quietly by yourself and reading some boring abstract stuff..."how does it relate to my day-to-day life?!" You know how to motivate others to get the job done...you can link together people and resources...you'd probably be happy being a coach or a receptionist or a therapist...anywhere you could help people and be responsive to 'em...you don't impose your will.

You like teamwork...you can get caught up in others' emotions.. your style is inclusive and allowing others to participate in the decisions..you don't need to suck up all the glory...you like to take breaks and relax..you love being active and going out and doing things with friends...

You're fun to be with and bring enjoyment to situations...you find fun in the moment...your friends are VERY important to you, and I'll bet you tell 'em so and let 'em know it somehow...you like to reach out and touch the lives of others...you like to share your values with those you love... you might move in or out of a relationship depending if it "feels" comfortable..you get kinda hampered with disapproval.. you can overwhelm your partner with all this affection and stuff...when there's a breakup, you can move on and get over it quickly, surrounding yourself with your friends...

Be careful on these: don't spend too much time socializing and not enough on the task at hand. You'll probably talk on the phone rather than work. Also, don't forget to finish what you start..get some planning skills and time management...don't ignore the logical facts, as much as you'd rather go by subjective stuff...finally, don't be so action-oriented that you forget to plan ahead...

ESFP: "Extra Special Friendly Person"

@10:09:00 PM

One Last -Taufik
I never could imagine, life without you
From the moment you walked into my world
Never knew how long a loving flame could burn
But losing you has forced me to learn
That we can't change the way we feel inside
And every try at love never turns out right
We both know it's better if we just let it go
So let's have...
One last kiss
One last touch
One last tender moment between us
One last dance
To out first song
While pretending there's nothing wrong
Let's stay here for a while and
Cherish every moment we're in denial
We both know
It's better if we just let it go
Everytime i try to take a stand at all
I see your face again and i fall
In the middle of the night there's the scent of a rose
The smell of your perfume I suppose
But we can't change the way we feel inside
And every try at love never turns out right
We both know its better if we just let it go
So let's have...
Baby if we met each other under a different sky
Maybe then things would be much better between you and I
We could always hold on to this one special thing we share
But it would be too much for us to bear
So let's have...
We both know its better if we just let it go

02/02/2005 @11:05:00 PM

omg! im totally so proud of myself.. i completed 4.2km for 2day's crosscountry.. wahaha! so damn proud.. haha.. din expect myself to finish ya. lol. anw.. sorry to all the guys who did damn well in the x-country.. jackjack, brendan and choyau.. haha we pulled the average score down... heee. poor jackjack... get 1st in the j1 category and den our class din even get the top 4 position.. which is very likely the reason that we girls ran so damn slow and came in like how many positions??.... blearghs... well it was damn fun anw...

went completely high afta x-cty and went to the playground to swing, seesaw.... blah blah... unfortunately to the horror of the poor children and their parents there, we havoc-ed the whole place... wahaha.. and i tink many of them zhao afta tt... hehe... oh well...

oh well.. damn tired now so beta sleep.. hehe 2mr STILL got school AND COUNCIL!!! omg! help...

01/02/2005 @10:06:00 PM

first of all... I LOVE YOU ANDRE! u're the best brother in the whole wide world!.. my brother totally rawkz man! he is soooooooo nice! omG! he downloaded the new maple patch during his computer time.... WAAAA!!! 1 hour plus sumore... so nice of him... never in my entire life would i imagine him doing something like this for me!!!! omg... he is sooo gonna get such a great birthday gift from me this year.. what do u want huh?

[to whom it may concern: if u do or do not see this.. u noe who u are.. OH! i am SO SURE one bloody phone call or one damn sms will hurt.. it wun even last five minutes... WTF can?! i dun see how great it wil hurt if u just TELL me at least like in advance b4 the stupid concert. so if i din call u i will NEVER noe that u couldnt go la! WOW! its like hELLO?! how impt? u dun go at least say wad rite? at least make a bloody effort and tell me u cant make it rite?! noe now technology DAMN high can? everyone got phone.. im SURE u have frens out there who can lend their phones to you for awhile rite?! or u can at least find someone who can pass me the message.. HOME PHONE?! im sure u have one.. but NO!... the ticket costs 12 bucks i tell u.. u're lucky i managed to find someone who can go. ergh. (NICOLE U RAWK BABE! THANKS FOR ACCOMPANYING ME!) or else ah... haiz... well. its over anyway.. if u read this good for you. if u dun, good for u too.]

ah well... got chem tutorial 2mr afta break... sacrificing my time now to blog here... lol... nvm... do it during break 2mr.. haha.. cho yau.. if u play soccer 2mr.. NO MORE ALARM CLOCK for u to get baq to class.. lol.. haha too bad!!! afta get scolding by rapunzel... wheeeee... haha.. OMG! she'll scold me too if i dun do chemm.. okok! bye bye! baq to chem! bye!!!!!!!!




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