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30/07/2004 @11:04:00 PM

snore.. falling asleep. very tiring day manz... trumpets rawkz.. brasses rawkz.. neh neh.. gd nites everyone.. snore..

24/07/2004 @10:28:00 PM

yes this is called quick update. hahas. at my couz hse now.. using her com.. yes make use of the oppurtunity.. lolx. haiz... 2day was an ok day. had band. hm.. wonder wad we're s'pose to do with the mutes for doraemon. move as we put them dwn?!?? tt wld be damn fun but stupid. lol.. tried doing it 2day. ended up blasting some wrg note into the trumpet. cuz it was so FARNI!.. lolx. anwz. ya left at 10 for mass prac. so stupid cuz nearly three-quarters of 4/8 and half of 4/9 din turn up.. all pon.. haha.. im so guai.. but as if i was singing during the practise lke tt lar.. was reading comics.. "psychic academy" borrowed from weng while being nagged at the side by her telling me not 2 open her book so BIG... lke huh?! was it tt big? ok wadeva.. den pon the rest of band cuz mass ended at 11.30. threatened by jessica to tell mr chan tt i went swimming. but in the end she din.. :p heng sia. lolx. so went hme.. dwnstairs gym, run, cycle, swim, yaya.. hm.. tot i lost a bit ok kg. BUT. lunch: so hungry ate this whole packet of noodles.. HUGE packet. dinner: went to 'village' at chinatown. eat and eat and eat again. well i guessed 2day's exercise din realli help. how sad.. ya so now at my couz hse.. baq where i started. getting tired. shld be getting hme.. lots of hw 2 do 2mr.. teachers are going mad piling us with hw.. lolx. im always delaying them to the last minute sumore... haiz.. shall stop here.. bye bye...

23/07/2004 @9:49:00 PM

whew! wad a week.. realli stressed now cuz the timetable for the prelims are out and yes they start on the 26th august.. poh han's bd.. :P how sad.. anw.. cant realli use the com anymore.. gonna be banned.. or rather.. ban myself from using the com.. hyper-serious distraction man.. haha and my phn too.. onli can switch it on when i juz cme baq from schl and afta finishing my hmework.. haiz.. i feel so... lack of entertainment.. lol.. ahaha. well.. overview of the week: read on.

mon: schl blah. band blah. reach home. studied a bit. SLEEP.

tue: schl blah. cip blah. had to go collect the blardi ethnic costumes from my aunt at raffles place.. den had to pass to jiamin.. hm... not tt boring day afta all.. somethg did happen.. -_-"

wed: racial harmony day and er sao's bd.. din see her the whole day so cant wish her.. too bad.. wore the costume... sec 4 level was DAMN ENTHU.. i repeat DAMN DAMN serious and enthu about this wearing costume thingy.. maybe cuz our last yr lar.. hahas.. my whole claz was lke.. WHOA! onli 3 ppl din wear lar.. tts lke 90% more ppl wearing than last yr.. hahas.. but anws.. we wanted to beat 4/2 and 4/9. dey were also one of the enthu classes.. blardi 4/2 always beating us.. humphs.. the stupid global citizenry award oso lke tt.. they 1st, 4/8 2nd.. so wasted kz... we were lke THAT close.. haiz... 4/8 4/8 4/8.. btw claz photo out liao.. love the photos.. love the claz too! yeah! go 4/8.. -_-" wadeva

thurs: grrrr... stupid prac.. i tink im gonna fail my prac.. cant identify the products AT ALL!!!. help mans... prelim prac cming sumore.. haiz.. wtf! beta start studying manz..  

fri: yes. 2day.. got our timetable for prelims ytd. freaked out the whole claz.. all entered study mode afta tt.. yes including me.. surprised? im not.. it's time..haha.. i shall put up my whole list of exam dates on this blog.. haha. then whoever who reads this blog knows.. bleargh... ah damn lke wadeva.. 2mr got mass prac at 10.. 4/8 and 4/9 doing national day mass. stupid mass i wld say.. rather do the farewell mass.. lke DUH! everyclaz wants the farewell mass.. haha.. but its also ok tt 5/1 and 5/2 gets it.. dey've been in this schl lke 1 year longer then us anw.. im so kind rites..?? lolx ^^  

yes so i shld stop tying this stupid crap and start studying.. bye peeps.. wih me luck for the prelims.. and the o'levels.. haha...

17/07/2004 @2:37:00 PM

yes yes.. nv cme online for one whole week liao.. haiz... well then.. here's the update on what has been happening... mon: lalala. schl, band, got hme.. so much hw and so tired.. nv revise or study anythg.. went to slp
tue: same old schl... mr tan let us of soo late ok... haiz... oh no! tt was on mon.. lolz..haha.. nvm... afta schl went to taka to get ju's pressie and tried to look for my bro's at kino.. but no help cuz i cldnt find anythg.. hahas..tot of buying him a notebook.. but it kinda looked stupid. lolx. den saw a pencil box.. 17 bucks lar... no too ex and he doesnt really need a pencil box in the 1st place... cuz Duh!..- he already has one.. lolz.. went to the food fair at the basement flr of taka.. WHOA! damn nice food they have sia.. haiz.. my mouth was lke watering.. not enuff money so cannot buy much.. and also juz had lunch liao.. so buy oso full... not much to eat.. haiz.. then went for tuition.. and yes.. did i tell u? our tuition teacher owes us a treat at any near restaurant.. lol.. budget 10 bucks each person.. cool huh? cuz the ny gal and the sji and chinese high guy .. AND SHIYING solved some qn.. haha..
wed: went CIP. yaya.. got to do com work.. damn fun sia.. lolz... had some cake to eat cuz someone's bd so they gave us part of the cake.. Mmmm yummy.. went to comics con to get my bro's pressie.. the pokemon sapphire and ruby version guidebk.. damn ex sia.. duno y i got it in the 1st place.. $28.90.. can kill myself liao.. haha...all my precious savings gone..FLEW away..
thurs:normal day with prac.
fri: stupid emath test.. went for tuition again.. lala.. wad a boring life i have.. oh.. it was my bro's bd.. so.. lala.. cut cake wadeva shit..  blah blah.. u noe the rest... haha..
today/sat: band, jessica and jerlyn nv cme. juniors came so the 4th row was lke LOADED... 3rd trombones had to move dwn.. lolz.. haha.. we trumpets were lke taking over the trombones space.. sry marianne.. *grin* lolz.. anw., trpts are the king of brasses so we can do wadeva we want.. hhaha.. ok so nw im blogging and ltr im going to taka(again)to the food fest. this time with my mom.. then she'll pay for all the food! muahaha.. hm... ya i tink tts abt the week's happenings.. lolz... gtg do other stuff nw.. cyaz.. bye..

11/07/2004 @4:30:00 PM

Wheee... im baq to blogging.. but i dun tink it will last long thou.. haiz.. well.. not a very gd day 2day.. bloody shit.. went out for breakfast in the morning.. den while we were in the car cming baq.. everyone in the car practically ignored me.. WADEVA I SAID.. they din have any response.. until we reached the stupid lorong 1 market.. den my mom drag me out to 'carry the stuff for me cuz i got no strength' grrrrr.. onli make use of ppl. carry until me hands and arms so pain kz.. stupid shit

not a very eventful day. did my ss hw.. well -correction- FINISHED my ss hw.. lol.. did half of it tt day i pon tuition in the library.. haiz... oh btw.. my oral sucked.. really sucked... very bad... i realised i cldnt even speak fluent chinese.. blah blah.. haiz.... afta the bloody oral, i walk out of the claz and mouthed the word 'fast?' to kelly.. hope the examiners din see.if they did... uh oh... hmmm.. well i beta go.. cyaz..

05/07/2004 @9:02:00 PM

yes i noe its REALLI a long time since i've updated... lolz... haha but at least i did rites? haha... i juz feel so accomplished.. afta soooo long.. hey wad do u guys think of this skin.. i tink its quite cool.. haha.. anw.. 2day is s'posedly youth day hol. haiz.. went to watch spiderman 2 2day sia... DAMN NICE K! omg... its lke sooooooo damn nice... ahh! i would so give it 10/10.. haha.. anw went to cine to watch. with my bro and shiying and ju.. hm... kinda fun lar actually.. cuz afta tt we went to take neoprints and it was DAMN lame... haha.. wanna see it? i'll show it someday.. juz ask me lolz. haha.. hm. gtg baq 2 schl 2mr.. i dowan.. schl is getting so stresful lately.. every week there's tests. not one but a few ok... SIANZ! i cant take this anymore... theres not enough time for me to study all the chapters even if i start studying nw til the prelims.. im sooo dead... and do i look concerned?! NO! how? why? can somebody just drill the importance into me that the prelims are lke in 7 weeks time? i need TIME!!!!!!! omg... i shld stop here.. im gonna pull out all my hair if i continue toking abt stress, exams and studies here... *takes deep breath* byes..




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