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30/03/2006 @8:16:00 PM


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29/03/2006 @11:08:00 PM

i want to watch 1) v for vendetta, 2) ice age 2, 3) ultraviolet. ARGH damnit. everyone has such a tight and busy schedule that its difficult just to watch one movie. oh well.

everyone's turning into a mugger. why why why?!
i have to start soon.
ok i WILL start soon.
like next week.
haha.. everyone quick give me your full support.

k i have no inspiration to blog anything else. i just wanted to record the movies i wanted to watch up here. so those who HAVEN'T watched any of these can... you know.. ask me out on a date.. haha =)


26/03/2006 @11:18:00 PM

whoa. guess where i went on saturdayy! my first every bridge competition! lol.. with the ever great julianne as my partner. we had the honour of beating louis' and edmund's team. haha.. that the good part if you go there expecting to come in last place. haha. but here's the bad part. we actually came in 61st out of 66 teams. hahah.,. is that bad or wat? and like i said earlier, we WEREN'T the last from cj.

damnit. i just keep typing wrongly. dunno why. so many typo errors. grrr

some people are just being really unreasonable.
they think they understand you but they seriously are thinking too highly of themselves.
disappointments go down a two way path.
i'm sure after all these years you should have understood me better.
clearly, no.
i would never have expected such lowdown expectations from people so close to me.

haha.. i shall quote janice on this. cuz i thought it was freaking funny:
[Our aim is to keep the toilet clean. Your aim will help.]

damn i couldnt stop laughing. haha..ciaos

23/03/2006 @9:34:00 PM

it wasnt that bad going back to school. haha.. but i can tell my attitude is seriously getting worse. i keep sleeping in class and just cant be bothered to pay attention. maybe i just need to get back the momentum. ok i SHOULD be doing my chem prac hw now.. but NO! i'm blogging.. haha.. and yw is like there showing off all the hw he's finished. MUGGERRRR!!!


ok lennard's chalet was a blast. we stayed over on tuesday. walked all the way thru pasir ris park to get to the arcade and oh damn. it was gonna close. even pool was closing. it was about 10.30 pm alr. oh well.. we settled with playing lan for awhile. got owned by the other team. but i had the honour of being the top fragger for a few rounds at the start of the game before gw started owning. whoa. we only slept at 1.30am. haha.

it was sure fun going to school together in the morning. we woke up at 5, and reached school at 7.35, just on time for assembly, after a scare that we at one instant thought tat we were gonna be late for school. haha.. slept thru AMC, lol.. then went back to class for 2 hour lesson. shiok. damn slack. haha..

went for bridge and then to paradiz to look for the guys lanning. haha.. then went back to the chalet for dinner. it was well, definitely a fun night. i learnt FINALLY! how to play mahjong. although i took like eons to decide what to discard and react to the fact that it was my turn.. hahah..

yups. off to watch amazing race now. ciaos! =)

18/03/2006 @12:16:00 AM

the last day of the holidays.
i'm sure i did enjoy myself. =)

went out in the afternoon to watch date movie.
that show is seriously... full of crap and full of nonsense.
its also damn sick. they have phrases like "his balls are always wet"
ok but well, the plot is stupid and they take snippets from different movies like Kill Bill, Mr and Mrs Smith, Lord of the Rings.. and blah blah.. haha.. but its a seriously dumb movie. i really don't recommend ppl to watch it. its a waste of 8 bucks and its only ONE freaking hour!
but it IS good for a laugh though.

went around marina and suntec furiously shoppping for lennard's present with gw and ju when cy left us. But sadly, we could not find ANYTHING! or rather, we had NO idea what to get him. frustrating know really.

went to orchard to meet my aunt for a marche treat! =) and she was so nice as to treat the others as well. sadly, ju din get the treat. haha.. she went for some concert.. dunno what's the name also la.. kk.. went to cine to watch some idol competition for my aunt's company. well, some sang quite well, some disgusting. we TRIED to get lennard up on stage to sing. but oh well..
zzzzzzz i guess its time to sleep..

if you ever get a popup from a site called adultfriendfinder, look at the age section. haha.
it says: I'm a MAN, looking for a WOMAN, select age: 17 to 99. ha! just look at the 99 part. its like HELLO?! my gosh why would i be looking for a women age 99? i don't even think people of age 99 in this generation know or bother to use the computer.. maybe there are exceptions. but oh well.. just a laugh. haha =)

off to bed. ciao!

i'm so glad the war has ended. please don't start one again.

14/03/2006 @10:18:00 PM

i wish the clouds would clear again.
i wish the war would end.
its really not worth it.
why can't you all come to your senses.
leaving is not an option, it shows fear.
i wish that the fact will be faced.
i wish that the truth will be told.
i pray, and i pray.
i hope that God will answer my prayers.

13/03/2006 @12:36:00 AM

i seriously wanna go for disney on ice. 0.o

quick who has money to sponsor me front or near-front seat tickets?!

and no ron, my sorethroat is not totally gone yet. and i'm coughing like a sick person. ok. i AM sick.

smu was kinda boring compared to nus. but at least more people went. had icecream at the old sji. the strawberry and vanilla was the ***- damn nice. it was superb!

arcade revealed gomez's daytona skills. well, i did lose to him. but i swear i'll win him the next time. once i'm done with perfecting my drifts.

ok it's late and i don't have much to talk about. or maybe it's just in case the aarons and brendan start reading out the contents of my blog during the econs tutorial again eh. hmpff..

k my throat hurts. off i go to bed. ciao! =)

words are more fun than battle games.
you'll never guess.

07/03/2006 @8:33:00 PM

damn it.

that terrible sorethroat.

05/03/2006 @8:02:00 PM

the beginning of a long battle.
i have just sadly conceeded a goal.
the score though,
now stands at 2-1 to me.
gladly, the lead is still mine.
i really wonder what i am doing.

yeah. went for the career fair with THE people. it was kinda.. well.. educating. haha

and OMG! i had a whole carl's junior meal by myself. and i'm seriously stuffed up now. DAMN full! and gomez and aaron were not exactly helping by commenting on how messily i was eating... ok not denying it but it WAS quite messy. and they had to even state that my burger was having its time of the month. my whole paper was like red - obviously from the tomato. DON'T think of anything else thank you.

shit. school 2mr.. i wish i was in 02. then i get to skip double gp haha.. [miss lim if you are reading this, SORRAYE!] hahaha...

ok i shall do more productive stuff like chasing my brother away from the back of my chair. irritating. grrrr...

if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.

03/03/2006 @11:45:00 PM

oh what a great day it is.

the common tests are OVER!!! oh damn... finally! the week of hell..

i shall talk now give a brief account on what happened the whole week.. and since everyone's blog will be going.. "the common tests are so bad.." or "i'm gonna fail everrrrything!!!" or "[this certain subject] was terribly bad, i'm gonna get f for everything!!!" i shall make a difference by giving a different view of the common test, so that it's MORE interesting. haha and well.. not as monotonous and boring as other blogs.. well not trying to have any personal attacks here. =) friend friend la. peace ok.

well..ok monday.. NE was great. i really think i can get full marks. not trying to boast but i read TOO much newpapers and my general knowledge is just superb - as gomez will put it.. i can expect, well, an A for that. haha

next. gp. wa.. the best paper.. the compo.. i totally owned man. compre was ok.. AQ, easiest aq i've done. can easily get nearly full marks la. yup.. shall expect about a B3 for gp. haha

chem. whoa! damn easy la. seriously! i finished the paper with like 45 minutes to spare. mcq i compare with ppl alr.. only 1 wrong. haha and the essay.. well next paper la. i scared ppl say i show off too much.

econs. the start of a whole day of papers, 6 hours of exam, one whole day with only 2 breaks. ok econs was pretty fine. the essay was easy to write. both rather, wrote the essay with relative ease. lol.. drq and mcq was good too. well, easy paper i would say. =)

physics. OMG! this is the EASIEST paper out of all the other subjects.. seriously. its so easy its like primary school work! i think they set too easy alr la.. seriously. even for me also no kick la. well done. i can expect at least 85++ marks for this.

maths. last paper and supposed to be my best subject. relatively an ok paper.

[seriously dripping with sarcasm]

in other words, or in layman terms, or even more layman terms like the slow ones, i'm gonna flunk every sub. or maybe not math. blank out for chem and phy. not a very good thing.

"uphold dignity."
*thinking skill! - what does upholding your dicknity mean?

i'm sorry i wont comment much. i shall let you guys figure it out yourself. haha..

shall sleep now. had a rather fulfilling dinner filled with gossips and new scandals. steamboat rocks. love you guys!





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