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27/05/2006 @11:25:00 PM

whoot! 6 hour tuition marathon. haha.. so fun ah.. i think i'm getting sick of econs. siann..

oh! and weng, if you do come to my blog, please tell me your link again. i din catch it that time on msn. lol..

hmmm.. gp was horrendously horrible. i think i'm seriously gonna fail gp again. haiz.. the compo was rather intimidating. i couldnt do anything so i ended up choosing some stupid question on science and technology which half the time i din know what the hell i was talking about. and miss lim was nice enough to react rather shocked at my choice of topic. T_T oh damnit. thats it i'm gonna fail.

the compre was another killer. i think the gp teachers are on a killing spree la. lol.. the first inference question was already terrible. i just had no idea how to do so most of the time i just crapped up some shit. lets hope the shit works.

oh and aq was terrible. i had no idea what i was writing. what about morals? grrrr..

ok. and seriously. i'm getting badly suaned by t14 la. wth.. i shant elaborate further.

alright lan-ed after gp and then ran to cathay to watch xmen3 cuz we were late for the movie la. but it wasnt a very great movie. or at least i din think it was. da vinci code was so much better. at least you get blown away. and jean grey was f**king ugly. cannot stand it. isnt she the same actor? what the hell happened to her? and rogue looks fat and weird. oh well.

not to emphasize the fact that julianne jumped when the last scene blacked out and the credits came on. lol.. go watch it to know what i mean. i'm not gonna be a spoiler like SOME ppl during da vinci code eh. lol..

alright off i go to indulge myself in more games. Zzzzzzzz..

i'm not supposed to but i am.
tell me not to fight but i have to.
i can't help feeling this way.
but your little additional words these days mean so much.
there are many things i would like to say to you but i don't know how.

i love your smile. =)

25/05/2006 @10:38:00 PM

sweet eighteen.

i love it. i love the immense showers of love yesterday. thank you everyone who played a part. thanks for all the presents. it hasnt been like this for quite some years. you guys put together the greatest birthday i've had since i was young.

thank you to the big five for all the time and effort you guys put in to making this day so fun and enjoyable. million billion zillion thanks. and i love you all. oh! also to weng for spending sleepless nights thinking of me and making my beautiful name!!! on a pillow. these are the 6 sides. lovely? yes it truly is. feel the love. =)

i havent gotten the list yet on who shared the presents but you know who you are. and simone here thanks you greatly for making her 18th birthday so great. and she loves you alot. =)

and hmm.. the main culprit in the cake smashing attempt. lee kah ken you just wait till your birthday. you just wait. thunder is gonna come for you. haha..

alright time for bed. gp 2mr. all the best to everyone..


19/05/2006 @10:25:00 PM

da vinci code was superb. even though i was kinda lost for a moment during the movie. haha.. but it was definitely worth watching. yup yup!

alright. the 2nd last weeek of school was fine, tiring, and yes. only 3 days of school day left but SHIT. the mugging for mid years begins. and seriously i dun think i'm gonna do well for mid years la, judging by the fact that i havent been doing my math tutorials, or rather lagging badly in it, and dun understand half the physics topics.. oh well.. and bio chem is really killing me. haha maybe i shouldnt have chosen it yeah.. but oh well.. now's not the time to be regretting.

have you ever had times in your life when you din know what was happening to you, and you just din understand yourself at all? i have. obviously, or i won't be writing this. its frustrating when you dont know what you're actually feeling, when you're completely confused on how you feel. and you don't know what to do about it, and there's no sturdy wall in front of you to hit on and warn or tell you what's happening in your life trail.

whatever. its just life i guess.

get on with it.

12/05/2006 @11:30:00 PM


sports day was fun but we din win. lol. although i'm sure we all tried our bestest best. =)

and yes we did try our bestest best to not get caught playing bridge, asshole taiti and what other game? lol.. oh well.. yes it was definitely fun and a good break from school.

lan was definitely worth it. with a whole new bunch of people, like shing, daner and ron. and amazingly, and all thankiess to yurong, i managed to get 6 kills and ONLY, i repeat ONLY 4 deaths. omg or what? i totally owned that game la hhaah... the word "relatively" needs to be used. my average dota dame is like less than 2 1 kill and at least 10 deaths.. muahahahha..

alright. wanted to watch poseidon but hai.. the tickets were sold out.

ok and xmen3 opens on my birthdayyyy! haha.. *hint hint hint!!*

shall i repeat that? xmen3 opens on my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! **hint**

alright only really stupid people won't get it. and i'm sure everyone is not stupid right?!?!?!

grin =)

05/05/2006 @9:07:00 PM

a pretty tiring week i would say, even though we already had a monday off. but still.. my nose is like stuck and my voice is on the decline. =(

watched mission impossible 3 on wednesday. all thanks to the babe who does not want to be mentioned. but oh well thanks to you anyway. the movie was great but according to others was just ok to them.. hai.. i thought the gadgets was WHOA! superb! damn cool! haha..

we had our own little mission possible after the movie ended. leaving two speechless couples stare at us with their jaws wide open and in shock. haha ok that was exaggerated. hahah..

sacrificed the sajc band concert today in order to go out next week. my mom was like. you went out so many days this week so choose between going for the sa band concert and going out next week. alright. fine. seeing that next week contained the sports carnival and an additional hoilday, i decided to give up the concert. sorry cheryl.

seriously, tell me the difference between

"the best looking woman" and "the best woman looking"

haha.. quite cool eh. hmmm.. imagine having a competition for the latter. i wonder what kind of people will join? guys, maybe? lol..

love this song. anyone who has it please send to me asap. =) ciao!

The Click Five - Catch Your Wave

In the middle of the night
That's when you caught my eye
I chased you round in memories
Through the breeze and the trees and you tease me
But hey

The clock's turning around
And you're still playing these games
It's such a waste to bring me down, down, down
Don't bring me down cause

Hey girl,I wanna catch your wave
Hey girl,I wanna drift away with you
Hey girl,you've got an undertow
Hey girl,hey girl, don't wanna let you go

When I turned sixteen
That's when I started to dream
I chased you round in memories
Through the breeze and the trees and you tease me
But hey

Well every princess has her knight
And I'm still in it for the fight
Not givin' in, I'm gonna win, win, win
I'm gonna win cause

Hey girl,I wanna catch your wave
Hey girl,I wanna drift away with you
Hey girl,you've got an undertow
Hey girl,hey girl don't wanna let you go

I'm never gonna let you go





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